Gamify the world!

Who Are We

Gaminglogy aims to add fun and joy into the world around us. We believe that everything we do in life can be made more enjoyable. In modern terms, we call it gamification. Our tagline is to "Gamify the world"!

Gaming, is a natural and highly creative human invention that manifests in almost all aspects of your life. To understand this point, just look at the Appstore. Games form a huge chunk of the downloaded apps. Gamification is not just about playing games for entertainment; it is about making the process of doing something, fun.

searches for the idealogy within games. We seek to understand deeper about what makes games tick and attract people to play them, as well as what makes game poorly designed

Overall, Gaminglogy has a few strategic thrusts - Learn How to Make Games, Play Games and Gamify Messages.

Learn How to Make Games

In choosing what platform to teach games creation, we have adopted Javascript, HTML5 because of its pervasiveness in today's context. It can run on virtually any machine with a modern browser.

However, the choice of the platform is secondary. What's more important is to understand the gaminglogy behind games, the game logic, good and bad game mechanics, etc. To gamify the world, you need to first understand how to make games work.

Play Games

You will find an assortment of games here by the designers at Gaminglogy.

Gamify Messages

Very often, we see cute (or crappy) images or videos go viral online. Social networking and the viral effect of the connected life we live in makes messages spread very very fast. At Gaminglogy, we hope to harness the viral effect of social networking with the gamification of important messages, to reach the masses.